Hello!  My name is Elizabeth Westlund, a professional educator and pianist.  I have created a revolutionary curriculum for learning piano.  It includes method books and sheet music for learning essential first skills, music reading, technical exercises, original songs, and learning to improvise (make up your own music).

Tired of the same-old traditional piano education methods that use the gimmicky, outdated, and problematic “C Position” or “Middle C” approach?  My course truly is revolutionary!  I use a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to teach “Instant Note Recognition” without the use of hand positions or any other tricks or gimmicks… just straight forward, no-nonsense music reading. The approach is step-by-step… students learn how to read and play just one note, outside the context of a song or hand position and gradually add one more note at a time to their arsenal of notes that they can instantly recognize and play in any context (any song, any hand position, any interval, any chord, any melody, any pattern…).

Other revolutionary features include: •learn only ONE skill or concept at a time    •big sounding songs to learn by rote    •easy way to learn all 24 major and minor scales and chords    •clean, uncluttered page layouts that are learner-friendly    •no overuse of finger numbers in music reading    •fun and easy way to learn how to make up your own music (improvise)

As of June 2, 2019, I have just started to add products to the list of resources available for purchase. Check back again to see more products listed!

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